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केवल तकनीकी और औद्योगिक व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान

Regd: Under the Act of 1969, Department of Labour & Employment, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh,Reg.No.S-11/311

NGP(Next-Gen. Professional)Educare Pvt. Ltd.

Regd: Under the Company Act. 1956, Ministry of Corporate Affair,Govt. of India
Regd : Under Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Govt. of India. (UAN No: HP08D0000248)

NGP Educare Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Indian Education Sector, catering to the needs of working professionals by offering many job oriented & skill based programs through online mode with the best-in-class learning methodology... The company’s strategy is to respond meticulously and diligently to the needs of the industry and student community across the globe with various academic achievements. In present scenario E-Learning and M-Learning is one of the important aspect of learning process which has enormous implication in the present education system. Therefore, we are providing Platform by E-learning & M-Learning (Mobile Based Learning) in India for enhancing the skills of students.. , NGP is known for providing one of the most Innovative & Successful Online programs in India.

Advantages of Online Learning :

1. Flexibility and accessibility which allows students to fit learning around their busy lifestyles.
2. Online learning is more affordable than traditional learning, which is not affordable as it is said so.
3. Value for money is vital key as the programs are tailor-made to fit around student’s individual needs.
4. Online education provides a high quality but possibly more economical form of education and has the ability to link people internationally.
5. Online education also offers broader opportunities to people and expands the reach of education more than any other method of delivery.

Online Study

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

High quality courses - innovative digital learning designed with you in mind, whatever your learning style.
Affordable - free and affordable courses preparing you for work and exams.
Flexible - available anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices. Take your learning with you, to suit your lifestyle.
Relevant - achieve your career ambitions and goals. Get ahead with the skills that make you stand out.
Job Oriented - Enhance your skills with 100% Practical & job oriented courses.

What We Offer?

  • Online Books
  • Online Test Results
  • Interactive Contents
  • Online Student Profile
  • Online Training Videos
  • 100% supports assurance.
  • Mock Tests and Questions
  • Online Student Login/Panel
  • Govt. recognized Certificate.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance
  • Learn 24/7 – Anywhere Anytime
  • Work Integrated Training Programs
  • Both Mode (Offline & online Programs)
  • Freedom to choose any Course or Competitive Test
  • Industrial Training with Scholarships in some selected Programs
What we offer

Our Programs

Department of Information Technology

All Software Courses.
All Hardware and Mobile repair Courses.
All Digital Mkt. and E-Commerce Courses.

Department of beautician & Cosmetics

All Beauty Parlour/SPA Saloon courses.
CBC(Certfication in Beautician and Cosmetics).

Department of Computer Finance Solutions

C.Tally(Certificate in Tally).
DFA(Diploma in Financial Accounting).

Department of Fashion & Interior Designing

CCS(Certificate in Cutting and Swing).
DFD(Diploma in Fashion Designing).

Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

All Tourism and Hospitality Courses.
Tour and Travel Mngt.
Hotel and House keeping mngt.

Department of Pre Test Academy

Welcome to you in NGP Educare Pre Test Academy. We provide a quality education with result oriented approach. In NGP Educare Pre-Test Academy. We emphasize on practical approach to bring out the best. We are fully equipped with technology to train our students to compete in ever changing competition world...

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